Valentine’s Gifts for Him: Presents for Every Stage of a Relationship

February 14th is a difficult occasion when it comes to picking Valentines gifts for men. What you buy your man reflects how you see him and the relationship, so you want to opt for something imaginative, original, thoughtful and appropriate for the amount of time you’ve been together.

In all honesty, guys are less fussed about Valentine’s Day gift-giving and receiving etiquette than their female counterparts. This doesn’t mean the Valentines presents for men protocol is completely out of the question, though. After all, they’ve been great all year at keeping you happy and content, so why not treat them to something nice to show you reckon they’re ace?

Here are some Valentines gift ideas for him, fitting for whatever stage your relationship’s at…

The Growing Romance

By all means, it’s okay to take the uber proverbial route with a guy you’re just getting to know. A bottle of wine or box of choccies make great Valentines Day gifts for men(if he’s the sweet-loving type) – a timeless way to let a man know you’re into him.

Alternatively, you could treat your gorgeous guy to a dinner date. Just let him choose the restaurant. Obviously, most folks go out for dinner on February 14th, but a romantic meal out is a sure-fire way to kick off conversation and enable you to get to know more about the said man.

How about creating some homemade treats? You don’t have to know him deeply to whip up some biscuits or cakes. Moreover, you’re guaranteed to earn a few brownie points for giving him such a thoughtful, personal pressie.

Going Steady

So, you’re at the next level of your relationship. Now you want to find Valentines gifts for him that show your hubby or boyfriend how well you know them – using all that stored data from those initial dinner dates. Smiley face. Go for a book by his favourite author, a CD from a band he loves or if he’s the sporty type, get him tickets to see his favourite team play.

Know some of his close friends? Ask them for hints and suggestions. As long as they like you, they’re guaranteed to help you find some lasting Valentines Day gifts for him that makes you golden in your hubby or boyfriend’s eyes.

Together for donkey’s years

Consider a romantic getaway. Spend the night in the capital or arrange for a sensual night at a swanky hotel. If you can swing it, organise a weekend retreat.

The long and short of it is that by now, both of you know each other well enough to tone the emotion down. By this stage of the relationship, the message should be one of unconditional, lasting love.