Tips on Making Presentations

For a presentation to have impact, it should be able to keep an audience completely engrossed. You do not need to be a high profile speaker in order to make a great presentation. Just follow these handy pointers to help you develop your presentation skills.

The key to a good presentation is to prepare well in advance. This is because you get just one opportunity to get your presentation right – there are no retakes! Research your presentation before hand. All data that you include should be accurate. Avoid using too many facts and figures in your presentation as they tend to sound too dry and boring.

Rehearse your presentation in advance so you do not need to refer to your notes during the course of the presentation. Make eye contact with the audience while talking so that they feel as if you are talking to them individually. Nod your head, smile and use voice modulation to make your presentation come alive.

At the beginning of your presentation make your audience feel comfortable by greeting them and explaining the agenda for the session.

You will need to deliver your presentation in the right way so that your participants like hearing you. Stress on important points and let your presentation follow a logical flow. Explain any statistical figures so that even a lay person can understand your point. Use real life examples to illustrate your points.

Do not try to make your presentation too technical in nature. Even if your subject matter is complex, try to simplify concepts by using clear, uncomplicated language. Keep away from excessive jargon. Use just those technical terms that you know your audience will be familiar with. Target your presentation for each and every member of the audience, not just a select few. Keep in mind that the audience may come from diverse background or job functions.

Keep room in your presentation for any extempore additions that feel will add to the presentation while you are making it. Pick up cues from the audience response and use them to make corrections to the overall tone of your presentation.

You should intersperse your presentation with visuals as far as possible. Graphics not only enhance your presentation but also add to your content.

At the end of the presentation, ask the audience for feedback and answer any queries they may have. Discourage people from asking questions while you are making your presentation so that the flow is not interrupted.