Flash Presentation: Ultimate Competition Killer

If you have finally stepped forward to make a bold move by advertising and marketing your business using unorthodox and unconventional ways then probably you think quite a bit about your business. It is always wiser to learn cheaper and out of the box methods of presenting business to the customers to lure more of them and prospective clients.

Though it is not always necessary that a maverick idea of marketing and promotion will work but considering the contemporary trends in mind Flash Presentation, these days is in vogue to spread the word most effectively.

Flash Presentations these days are in demand as they instantly strike the chord with the customers and visitors; it gives the power in the hand of the customers to visualize the business as these presentations are studded with stunning visuals, animation effects, sounds and videos.

Many businesses and organizations these days use Flash Presentations to present their ideas as most web development companies design presentations around a story to enable the message to reach their clients with more intensity and force. It is like captivating your audience and clients.

Apart from presentations, many web development companies these days design all kinds of stuff like flash banners, flash intro, mailers and etc. To illustrate an example; videos, visuals and audios are widely used in classrooms to teach effectively and convey the lessons with high degree of precision.

Corporate houses and big organizations have also understood the importance of flash presentations and they are leveraging the services of web design agencies to prepare product guides and interactive training modules for their employees to process effective communication across different verticals.

Some web companies offer services like flash CD presentations, sales presentation, animated presentation and learning modules as well. Professional web design agencies optimize their presentations for web and CD- ROM.

Market is full of companies offering their services but an experienced and professional flash presentation company can make a vital difference to the overall chances of any firm. Any leading company chooses the videos and images with precision and thus their work reflects the quality and commitment they keep towards their work.

Also any leading company initially makes itself aware of the business and its values before it prepares the presentation so that they are able to provide world class services. Web agencies can also integrate presentations with internet and other web resources so that the firm for which they are doing it gets more exposure and ultimately clients.

If you are looking for extra sales and plenty of clients go for Flash Presentations as they are ultimate key to the success of your venture.

Presentations – Stand Out Tip – Listen Actively

Standing out is a function of how your present yourself to others and how you react to others. The ability to be a good listener is a strong stand out quality.

However, you need to recognize what good listening is not. Obviously, it is not marginal listening — giving half an ear to the speaker while you’re watching television, reading the paper, or working on your computer. You might be surprised to know it’s also not evaluative listening — where you do hear the gist of what the speaker says, but you’re evaluating the content so you can prepare your response. The dead giveaway when you use this type of listening is when your response starts out with, “Yes, but…”

The best and most powerful form of listening is “active listening.” It fulfills two very basic human needs-to be heard and to be understood. There are three crucial steps to active listening. Think of the acronym EAR to help you remember these steps:

ENGAGE THE SPEAKER. In other words, show the speaker that you’re listening by looking him in the eye, nodding occasionally, showing appropriate facial expressions (a smile for good news, concern for distressing news). Project open and relaxed body language. Also keep in mind that total silence does not imply listening. Give vocal signals such as: “mm-hmm,” “yes,” “really?,” “I see,” etc.

ACTUALLY HEAR WHAT’S BEING SAID. This means you have to pay attention and process the information. You must concentrate on the content of the message, which is what the speaker is saying, plus the intent, which is what she’s feeling or what she means. It may help by repeating to yourself her key words or main ideas and also observing the nonverbal cues she’s giving.

RESPOND APPROPRIATELY. This third step is the key to effectively wielding the power of listening. Instead of saying, “Yes, but…”, you let the other party know you’ve heard and understood him. It can take three forms:

1. Paraphrasing. This means repeating the gist of the message. It’s generally preceded by, “So what you’re saying is…” or “In other words…” or “If I understand you correctly…” The ability to do this lets the speaker know you did in fact hear the content of what he said. The amazing thing about paraphrasing is that once people feel like you heard them, they can be more receptive and open to what you have to say.

2. Probing. This is a particularly important technique in diffusing the tension that comes with disagreement. After the speaker has made a statement, instead of launching into your rebuttal, you probe for more information. “Why do you think that?” “What’s the downside to that?” “Can you give me some examples?” This lets the speaker know you’re interested in hearing his side, which in turn will make him more likely to listen to your side. 

3. Reflecting back feelings. This is the finer-tuned skill of interpreting how the speaker feels about what she said. “You must be so proud,” or “That certainly must have made you angry,” or “I imagine you’re very hurt by that…” are examples of reflecting. This is the ultimate validation a speaker can receive: being heard and being understood. When you give that gift to others, it opens doors, breaks down barriers, reduces anger, decreases resistance.

 Listening actively is a magical skill. Its mastery can have a profound, positive impact on giving you “stand out” presence.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life, and Maybe Even Get Present in the Moment

Do you want to change your life for the better? Do you want to achieve real and lasting growth, move to a new level, and maybe even be happier? You can, and it’s easier than you think, but it does require consciousness and awareness. Bust out some pen and paper, and get ready to change your world!

To change your life, change your story. What is your story as of right now? Hint: your story is the stuff you tell yourself that is not necessarily true but has a serious effect on what your life looks like. Examples of a story are, “I’m not pretty, thin, or funny enough”, “I will never have enough money”, or “nobody likes me”. You get the picture, so insert your own story here. It’s usually something that is repeated endlessly to anyone who is willing to listen. Now, realize that this is all made up! None of it is true, unless you make it true.

You create your own reality. You are in charge of your story, so why not tell a story that makes you feel good instead of one that makes you feel bad? Why are you choosing to feel bad? (Don’t worry, you probably just did not know any better, no big deal!) Are you willing to let your old story go? If not, why? What are you afraid of? Trust yourself- there is nothing to fear, and you would not be reading this if you weren’t ready to let it go.

Starting today, begin telling a new, happy, successful and uplifting story! On your paper, write down your new, fabulous story. Whatever you want out of life should be in this new version. Now tell this story to people. Don’t ever tell that old story again! That old story is keeping you stuck and re-creating old drama over and over- you won’t change your life if you are attached to your old story. Begin discussing your successes instead of your failures, your health instead of your pains, and your abundance instead of your bills.

Where attention goes, energy flows and results show. What are you focusing on in your story? Is it what you want? I truly hope so, because what you focus on is what you get! Repeat the process of writing out and focusing on your new story as often as needed. (I do it several times a week- it feels great and keeps me focused on what I intend to create.)

Watch out for little stories in your day to day life. In addition to your big life story, there are little stories that pop up all day long. Pay attention to how you react to your life and you will see what I mean. An example: Someone doesn’t smile back at you, so you think “they don’t like me”. This is a total story- stop torturing yourself! You have no idea why that person did not smile at you. Maybe they did not see you, or they have a toothache, or they did not get much sleep. Maybe they were born without smiling muscles. Who knows? Why make yourself feel bad over it? Pay attention- respond with awareness instead of reacting.

Stay present in the moment to avoid the “story”. This takes awareness. If someone cuts you off on the road, don’t assume they are a jerk. That’s a story. There are any number of reasons why that happened, and let’s be honest, who hasn’t cut someone off at some point or another? If you can be conscious of your thoughts and stay present you can catch yourself in a story and let it go.

If you are having trouble staying present, focus on how you feel. We don’t feel enough in this world. Let’s practice getting out of our heads and into our bodies a little more. Our stories can make us feel really bad, but usually we are so far into our thoughts that we can’t realize this. If you get back into the body and focus on how you are feeling you can free yourself from the mind’s chatter. Take a few deep breaths and feel your emotions. If you are reacting in anger to someone, fine! Feel it, and let it go. Don’t use the story as an excuse to feel the same emotion over and over and over. That’s wasted energy- that’s where the story gets you stuck. Search for the truth- when you feel an emotion fully in your body and not in your mind, the truth will come to you more easily.

Feel emotions in your body, instead of thinking about them over and over. (I repeated what I just said in the above paragraph because it is really, really important!) When you feel your emotions fully in your body, they usually disappear very quickly. Accept how you feel instead of rejecting it. The story actually helps you reject your emotions. “I’m angry because that person is a jerk. How dare that person treat me that way?” In this story, your mind is saying, “I am feeling angry and I don’t like it- this person acted in a way that is making me feel emotions I don’t like.” Instead, get over the story and feel the anger! Then let it go. You can really change your life by learning to release emotions when they come up. Stuck emotions create stuck lives.

We are all creators. We are creating our lives in every moment. Tell a story that serves you instead of hinders you. Tell a story that creates a future that you can smile about. Live in a way that creates peace, joy and abundance. You are in charge of your story, and the story you tell will show up in your future. What’s your new story? Change your story and change your life!

Be relentless in your pursuit for the truth – the truth as your Higher Self sees it. Release your negative stories and live in your heart. You will be free- free to be abundant, free to be peaceful, and free to expand into higher levels of consciousness and joy.