Investments – Are They Good Christening Presents?

Maybe you know that giving non-traditional christening presents is now acceptable. Something that many people are now doing is giving some sort of investment to the newly christening child. Be it in the form of a savings account, registered bond, or stock certificates, giving investments as christening presents is a great idea.

To start, these presents that will truly appreciate in value. A silver spoon is nice indeed, but it will not be worth more later on. This is the same problem with a baby present or book – they are “one time gifts.”

An investment will act as both a unique and very useful christening present for the child. What young adult not be able to use the money later on for schooling or rent? By giving financial instruments you also show that you have the child’s best interest at heart. This yeah more than a quarter of British people will be gifting stocks to someone. It’s a great idea, and giving them as christening presents makes sense.

The compound interest the savings account you set up will continue to make money by earning interest every year for the child. When it comes time to go to university or to buy a house, there should be more money for them then when you first gave it. It’s really amazing that your gift can keep on giving like that, and to get a better payoff down the road!

The exact specifics of how to do this depend on where you live. Talking to an investment company or a trusted accountant is a good idea. Don’t be scared though – it can be done very easily, and is sure to be one of the most cherished christening presents the child gets.